Numbers tell a story for the Warriors

Last nights game for the Warriors is telling a story that needs to be discussed.  Hardly anyone will talk about, because it will be around the fact that Kevin Durant is still trying to learn the offense and that Warriors will still be the best team in basketball before the end of the year.  However, there are a couple of numbers that people are over looking because we look at the flashy stats of points and we go crazy over the highlights that ESPN gives us on a nightly bases.  The category I am talking about is the need for a big man who can rebound the ball for this team.

If you look at the individual stats of the team last night on rebounding, you will see as a Warriors fan that Draymond Green was able to lead the team in rebounds with 12 and Durant was the second in rebounds with 10.  As good as that is, I believe that these two rebounding will cause the down fall of the Warriors as the season continues.  Here why.

When looking at the stats of rebounding they were able to keep up on the defensive end of rebounding the ball, but on the offensive end, it was a different story.  The Spurs had 21 offensive rebounds to the Warriors 8 (9 if you count the team rebound).  The last offensive rebound for the Warriors was at the 10:26 mark of the fourth quarter.  It was a team offensive rebound, the next closes one was at the 4:05 mark during the third quarter and that was done by David West.  If you break down all the offensive rebounds from these rebounds of the fourth quarter, it looks like this.

Andre Iguodala offensive rebound at mark 2:55 of the second quarter.  Draymond Green offensive rebounds 3rd quarter at marks 11:15, 8:34, 8:33, 5:05, and 4:56.   Zaza Pachulia offensive rebound at the 8:30 mark of the third quarter.  These numbers are scary for Warrior fans who actually look at the entire picture.  Yes they spread the floor, and they are one of the greatest small ball teams in the league.  But what will happen when they run into the Cavaliers who will most likely be crashing the boards all night with Tristan Thompson and Kevin Love?

Warriors need to get a big man, who’s soul purpose is to rebound, rebound, rebound.  The Warriors can make it all season with their starting line up and score lights out when they are on.  They still need a big man who can just rebound.  If they can get that man, the Warriors will win the NBA finals hands down.  Warriors might want to consider trading to get Tyson Chandler who can make Draymond Green’s job easier.  If Draymond isn’t having to use his energy to rebound on every possession of the game, he will be able to be more effective on the offensive end of the ball.  It will also help Kevin Durant with being able to focus more on scoring while at the same time, being the third option with rebounding.

Tyson Chandler can help the Warriors get over the top.  His toughness of crashing the boards becomes addicting.  He would feed off of Draymond  when it comes to playing the game and since he is able to rebound the ball, he would make the Warriors that much more of a threat in the West.  However, to make that trade will be a problem because of the salary cap that they have.  So the Warriors need to either find a Tyson like player or find someway to get that man on that team.  Doing so, will result in the Warriors winning it all this year.


NBA Season

This year’s NBA season is just around the corner. When I mean by corner, I mean that it will happen tomorrow! I can’t wait for this season to start. However, there are a few players that could help teams with their season if they were able to trade or keep them on their team.

Ricky Rubio

I think this will be the most talked about player being traded this season. I also believe that he can be a valuable piece for the Timberwolves and that they should consider to not trade him. Here is why.

Ricky Rubio is a very unselfish basketball player. In fact, he seems like the player that could average a double double all season. However, it will be determined by the number of times he is given the ball all season and how well his teammates are performing. His current stats are 8.3 assists and 10.1 points per games. Due to the fact that Minnesota decided to draft Kris Dunn, I believe that Minnesota is trying to go away from having Ricky Rubio in case they are not able to sign him for an extension. However, upon looking at his current contract, he is signed with Minnesota through the 2018-2019 season. I don’t know what Minnesota is trying to do, but I believe that they need to key him so that they have a shot at winning a championship. I think Rubio will be the key since he is a very unselfish basketball players.

Centers and Golden State

It won’t be talked about during the season as much because it will be about the small ball due to the NBA going that way but I believe that come post season it will be all about the big men. Big men are really hard to find these days that can not only stay healthy, but be able to perform at the free throw line should the opportunity present itself down the stretch. I personally think that if Golden State has an opportunity to make it on top of the mountain again, they will need a big man that has been there before. So who is a big man that has been there before. Tyson Chandler is the man. Somehow someway, Golden State needs to find a way so that they can get that man on their team. He is almost averaging 10 rebounds a game for his career and his toughness will be able to go up against any of the centers in the league. At the same time, it will help if they were to face Cleveland in the NBA finals again. I think Tyson would be able to put a hold on Tristan Thompson should those teams meet in the finals. Rebounding will become key but will not be talked about until playoffs. If Golden State is unable to get Tyson, then they will need to rely on David West to take down Thompson. He might be the one that can slow down Cleveland should they fail to get Tyson.


I think MVP will be going to Russell Westbrook this season. I am expecting him to just have a season now that Durrant is out of the picture. If he can stay healthy, and if they can add one more key piece to their team, then they have the best chance to stop the Warriors in the Western Conference finals. Everyone will be talking about Durrant and Curry as MVP but I believe that Westbrook will be MVP this season.