Ruth Gonzalez

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Ruth Gonzalez



I am Ruth Gonzalez, I love my family.  My first priority is my family.  I always take advantage of being with my family when I can.  I love the outdoors with hiking and camping.  I love to go out and eat and I love the church.  I am always out serving others and being there for those who don’t have that much.  I am a pathway graduate and I am now a BYU-Idaho student now!


I am 100…..just kidding I am 44

Where are you from?

I was born in Orange County, California and I was raised in Fullerton.  Currently reside in Garden Grove.

How did you learn about pathway?

I learned about it through a fifth Sunday lesson at church.  The missionary couple was telling us all the information about what the program was.  They also talked about how it was a year long program and that there was a weekly gathering with the missionaries and fellow pathway students.  They told us that we were learning math and English the first year.  They told us of the benefits of the getting an education through the pathway program.  They also told us that we should be trying to get an education at all times because that is what the church tells us to do every general conference.  They also went into details about how there would be plenty of support for the program because at first it could be intimidating with working and going to school.  They told us that when we were done with pathway that we could apply to continue to get our education and that was exciting.

What degrees did they tell you that where available?

They told us that we could get a certificate, an AA or bachelors.  They mentioned that you could get these degrees after you start the pathway program.  But you had to finish the first year of pathway before going online to finish your degree.

I just finished my last semester of pathway and I applied for my first semester and I am currently and online student for BYU-Idaho.  It feels like I never left pathway because the support is still there and that the communication of the school is great.  It is exciting because I had to go get my endorsement for school and it’s just exciting to be a student through BYU-Idaho.

Why did you decided to join pathway?

I decided to join pathway because it felt like the right time in my life where I could focus with getting my education.  My kids are now older and I was able to focus on school and finish my education.  I went to a junior college back in the day but I never finished.  When I was younger it wasn’t a priority because I was focusing on getting my family ready for life.

It was also the idea of getting an education.  The missionaries said that we should be always be learning new things and that we need to learn as much as we can in life.  We are commanded to get an education and I felt like it is needed.  I always have had a love of learning and trying new things.  I hate sitting around and watching t.v. even though I could do it.  I have always been taking classes at a community college.  I am not a driven person and I never felt like I was being pushed to get my education.  Pathway has been helping me push myself to get my education.  The spiritual part has been the biggest difference in getting my education because it makes me feel more comfortable when talking to my professors.  It has helped me stay focus on getting my education because of the spiritual part as well.

How has pathway helped you in your life since you first started?

It has helped me get excited to actually go out to get my education.  It is pushing me to share with everyone because of how great this program is.  I can’t stop talking about it because it has helped me with so much.  It also helps me with being able to understand what my kids are going through right now because my kids are currently in college right now.  I am taking the knowledge that pathway has given me and sharing it with everyone.

Can you share a story of you talking to someone about Pathway?

So one of my fellow sisters she is a librarian of the school that we are at has always wanted to get back to school.  She was getting comfortable with her career and wasn’t being challenged.  She always wanted to go back to school to finish her education.  She knew that I was in pathway and we have been talking about it for a while.  She noticed that by me doing pathway she saw how pathway was helping me with my life and she decided to start because of the fact that I stuck out with it.  My example of sticking out and finishing the program was all she needed in order to join.  She has been as nervous as me when she first started and has been working hard to get her education.  She said that “If Pathway wasn’t there, I wouldn’t even bother going back to school because it just isn’t worth it”  She has said that “Being in the Pathway program with friends has helped because you have the support and transition period of being able to help each other with being a part of the program.


Would you recommend Pathway to anyone?

Yes!  Because you have nothing to lose.  It is a great recommendation for those who want to go far in their career.  It provides you an opportunity with being able to finish what you started.  You don’t lose anything, you gain more then you realize the longer you are in the program.  The Pathway program benefits you with being able to study math and English; while at the same time reading your scriptures so that you can get a deeper understanding of what you are reading in the scriptures.

Another reason is that it can help with the intimidating part of having to go back to a class room.  As long as you have the internet and a computer, it helps with the nerves so that you don’t have to freak out as much.  You can always take a break between semesters if it is too much for you.  It provides you more opportunities to go out and do great things in the world.