Raul Gonzalez



Name: Raul Gonzalez

Age: 49


My name is Raul Gonzalez, I was born in Mexico I love working with people.  I have been a member for nine years.  I am a loving husband and father who loves to help other people successed.

Where are you from?

Mexico but currently resided in Garden Grove, California.

How did you learn about pathway?

I learned about it through church.  I was sitting at a Presidency meeting for the Stake and they were talking about Pathway at the meeting.  I heard about it and I thought that I really wouldn’t have any time to do it.  However, as I kept thinking about it and hearing about the program,  I thought “maybe I will have the time to do it.”  Since I really didn’t have much education growing up this was a huge opportunity for me in my life.  The Stake had the program but it really wasn’t going anywhere.  However, we decided to do it and we were the first ones in our Stake to start Pathway.

How long where you apart of the program?

I was in it for a year and I had to take a leave of absence because of surgery but I plan to go back in the future once I recover from my surgery.


Why did you decided to join pathway?

The tipping point for me was that I didn’t have an opportunity to get an education when I was younger.  I was pulled out of high school six to eight months before I was able to graduate from high school.  My parents told me to not go to high school anymore.  This program has allowed me to go and get my education and to be able to finish what I wanted to get when I was younger.  I am now able to go to school and get my education while at the same time I control my destiny of my life.  The ability to get the education through pathway is so affordable it allows me to have so many opportunities.

How has pathway helped you in your life since you first started?

From the time that I have been in pathway it has helped me micro manage my life better, and on the spiritual side it has helped me open my eyes.  My understanding now is that you need to work on your spiritual side while at the same time working on yourself.  It allows you to see people who they are and be able to go out to help others to get their life goals and dreams for their education.  I just love how the system works because it just helps people.

How has pathway grown in your area that you are in?

I learned from working with the stake that we went from having thirty to forty people when it first started to know having 68 to 80 people in our stake that are currently in the program.  We also went from having no program, to having at least three classes running affectively.  The word has been spreading and the leaders of the program have been helping us with being able to handle the program.  We have only been around for one year but that one year has been spreading like wild fire and has been helping with getting more people on board with doing pathway.


Would you recommend Pathway to anyone?

I would because it is a great program for everyone.  I would even encourage non-members to do it because it could help with doing more missionary work.  I think the real reason would be that sometimes as members of the church you are not able to get an education.  Pathway allows you to get an education when you weren’t able to get it because of where you live and circumstance of your life.  It allows you to get a University Level education and be able to say that “Yes I got a college degree in my life.”

Will Pathway open more doors for you at your current job in life?

Yes it would.  For example I can’t get into an engineering department unless I have an engineering degree.  I also can’t be part of the design team at my work unless I have a certain level of education.  I need to have some type of College degree in order to work in these departments.  This will help me in the future with getting to do those jobs in the future.