Meet Tara Lloyd



Name: Tara Lloyd

Age: 38


I am the wife to a military member, and the mom to two incredible daughters, and a sister and daughter in an incredible family! I work as a fitness instructor a few hours a week, and love to volunteer at my kids’ school and at the military hospital. I love being with my family, running, swimming, climbing, reading, writing, roller coasters and learning new things.

Where are you from?

I was born and raised in Hooper, Utah, but Eagle River Alaska is home.
How did you learn about Pathway?

I was serving in primary, and the Pathway missionaries came to do a fifth Sunday presentation. My husband came out of the meeting so excited, he got onto the website and stared reading me all the info, encouraging me to apply.

Why did you decide to join Pathway?

I have always wanted to go back to school, but was always so daunted by the process. I am 20 years out of high school, so my ACT scores and transcripts posed a challenge. This program seemed to be designed just for me. I was overwhelmed with that sentiment so many times during my Pathway experience.

How has Pathway helped you in your life since you first started?

I had toyed with the idea of taking some classes at University of Alaska, so I went to take some placement exams. I joked that if I got any questions right on the math portion, it would be because of a lucky guess. When I returned with the test, he looked at the result and exclaimed “Oh, you weren’t kidding!” I let my fear of math keep me from pursuing more classes, because I knew I’d have to get to that eventually. The math class through Pathway was so low pressure that I didn’t fold as I have been known to do where math is concerned. It gave me an extraordinary level of confidence; I was good with numbers and I actually grasped the concepts being taught. It was overwhelming! I have gained a new sense of capability, and I’m no longer ruled by fear, and letting it keep me from pursuing a higher education.

How will Pathway help you in the future for your career goals?

I honestly don’t have any specific career goals in mind at this point. I want to finish because its been a goal for a very long time. I have two daughters who are brilliant and capable. I was brilliant and capable, so I never felt like I had to prove anything to anyone; I didn’t want them to wait as long as I did. I love that they have gone through this process with me, so they can see what kind of value I place on education. I am grateful they’ve seen me struggle and cry tears of frustration at how difficult some things have been. They don’t feel so bad now when they get frustrated or discouraged. We are all learning and growing together and it has been such an amazing experience! I’m a wife and mom first, and Pathway has helped me to be a better example, and has given me opportunities to teach by action and not just word. What a gift!

Would you recommend Pathway to anyone? If so, why?

I recommend Pathway to everyone I know! I think it is a wonderful program, truly inspired. It blessed my life so much, I am so grateful for opportunities it created, opportunities I never would have had otherwise.