Janice Howe

Jan Howe 9.16.2015

Name  Janice Howe





Where are you from?


Maryville, Tennessee originally, presently living in Columbia, South Carolina


How did you learn about pathway?

Through a 5th Sunday combined Relief Society/Priesthood meeting.


Why did you decided to join pathway?


I felt the Pathway Program was inspired and an answer to my prayers.  I was lead strongly by the Spirit to join. (Noah’s Ark situation: it was time to board the boat!) In aging, my opportunities for sustainable employment may be less and to be a viable candidate, I felt it necessary to continue my education.  Pathway has helped me achieve some of my life goals and become a better disciple of Jesus Christ.


How has pathway helped you in your life since you first started?


The education I have gained through the  Pathway program has helped boost my self-esteem and confidence.  It has allowed me to achieve goals, that were thought to be impossible.  I have enjoyed spiritual growth, friendships, and a deeper understanding of the scriptures.


How will pathway help you in the future for your career?


Education is a personal investment. Certifications and degrees are necessary to open the doors for opportunities in employment.   I hope to gain the trust and confidence of my employers and demonstrate the ability to learn, grow, and perform difficult tasks efficiently.  I also feel through the Pathway Program and my educational experiences with BYU-I Online, I am preparing to serve a mission some day.


Would you recommend Pathway to anyone? Why?


Yes, I would recommend Pathway to others because on the growth opportunities , price, and convenience.