Gustavo Adolfo Vera Zambero


Name: Gustavo Adolfo Vera Zambero

Age : 22


Gustavo I am a person who loves to talk to people a lot.  I would love be able to handle negotiations, I am a spiritual guy and I am an assistant to the manager of the hotel, I served in Guatemala.  I play hard core par core.  I like volleyball as well.

Where are you from?

The city of Ecuador of South America

How did you learn about pathway?

I came back from my mission in February of this year.  I was in my city and a lot of people that I knew were in Pathway.  They said that the program could help with my English and be able to get your education through BYU-Idaho.

Why did you decided to join pathway?

I choose pathway because I was going to study Cinematography.  I was going to study at another university in my country but I discovered that I was going to be studying all the time and I wasn’t going to be able to work and go to school part time and go to work.  I am able to work and make money while at the same time go to school and work at the temple here in my county.  I prayed and I felt like if I went into another career that it would be harder and that I wouldn’t be happier.  I also discovered that when reading the program’s information that I was able to find more peace in my life and it just made sense to go with pathway.  I am currently studying business.

How has pathway helped you in your life since you first started?

That is one reason why I choose pathway.  It has helped me transition with going from a missionary, to becoming a student through BYU-Idaho.  The program has helped me find people with the same standards.

The first semester at school we learned how to be self reliant and how to save money.  It has taught me how to manage money and they gave tips on how to read faster and how to talk correctly when speaking to others as well.

It is like the same with the Pathway and the temple.  We are able to go to the temple with your fellow pathway students along with other friends from the mission.  I was able to not only work at the temple, but I am able to serve the people here in the city but also around the city as well.

Would you recommend Pathway to anyone?

I would first ask him what he wants to study in his life and how it could help him in the future.  It would also allow me to share with him how the pathway program can help him with what he wants to get in life.  It would anyone with feeling a stronger connection with your father in heaven.

I remember that in a class how we talk is how we project our life.  We are able to find out who we are and to find many options with what we want to go for in life.


Pathway -150 dollars books are online and there free

Other Univeristies-300 and it could go up over time and then there is a cost of transportation and books, etc

Friends who attend other university vs. those who don’t?

I do have other friends who attend other university.  We have the opportunity to work on our spirituality through pathway.  I am able to organize more time with working on all areas of my life and able to have money to save money to date, to get a house, etc.  The perpetual education fund helps my friends go to school.

How old would you be if you went to other school?

Same age.  I would finish at 26.

How is BYU-Idaho helping you with future career

Just by having an American Education, it provides me with more opportunities to get better employment.  The American Education is a lot better than the education in this country.