Diane Anderson

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Name:  Diane Anderson


I am 51 years old, I am a Mother of 5 children, 4 living and 1 recently deceased from suicide.  I Have been married to my husband of 27 years.  About 7 years ago I went inactive, I did not want anything to do with religion.  My husband and children followed suit after a traumatic incident happened involving another member of the church, who happened to be a High Councilman.  This past May, I found my way back, the Savior has blessed my family so much.  My husband has also returned to the church and we have returned to the Temple.  Last week I buried my oldest child who committed suicide.  Without the gospel in my life, I don’t think I would have been able to cope with her loss.  Pathway has been true to its name, a pathway for education not only in the worldly sense but also in the Spiritual sense.


Age:  51


Where are you From?

I was born in San Diego California, but have lived here in Bismarck ND for over 20 years now.


How did you Learn about Pathway?

During the 5th Sunday combined RS/Priesthood meeting this past summer or maybe late spring.  I remember sitting with my husband and when they started the video of the pathway program I was hooked.  I ran out of financial aid when I had two semesters left of clinical’ s with my nursing program, I was in the BSN program.  When they said I had no more money available, I had to quit.  I had straight A’s but I could not afford to finish on my own.  I told myself that if I was given the opportunity to return to school I would.  My husband was excited for me too.


Why did you decide to join Pathway?

I thought it was a great way to finish my degree and continue my education.


Is there a reason why you stopped going to school when you were younger?  What has made you push to start getting your education now?

When I went to school at University of Mary, I always felt like the religion classes were biased. In my Philosophy class the book we had to use was the Catholic catechism and when I had to reflect on what I read, my teacher really graded me harshly.  He was argumentive when he responded to my posts on the discussion board. One of the difference’s I see with Pathway, is that it is taught with love, respect, honor.  Yes, U of Mary had good values, but, they did not enforce it, and therefore no one really followed the dress code.  I like the Pathway program because when we meet for the gathering, we are all there to learn from each other.  The interaction is amazing, and the instructors are so supportive when you need them.


What has made you push yourself to get your education now?

One of the things I hope to teach my children is that it is never too late to learn.  One thing I did not mention in my description of myself is that I never graduated High School.  At age 38 I went and got my GED.  I studied myself for over 6 months practicing for the test. I barely made it on the Campus test with math but I did. Now I have two degrees, I have an Associates in Business graduated with honors, and graduated with honors with my Nursing degree as well. I still hate math, but I got by.  I want my kids to know that it is never too late to learn.  I want my grandchildren to see that education is important. That they can do anything they want if they put their mind to it, work hard, and never give up when road blocks pop up in life.  I have had to hurdle many road blocks in my life.  The best thing that I can say about my life, is that I never get tired of learning.  My business degree helped me with nursing, my nursing helped me to be a critical thinker, organized, and able to multitask.  I am now contemplating what degree I want to get, I don’t think that there is a cap for me with Pathway.


How has Pathway helped you in your life since you first started? 


Pathway has been amazing! I wanted to really understand the scriptures, more than just merely reading them but to understand them.  The skills I have learned has given me the ability to search the scriptures in a deeper and more meaningful way.  I love the constant reminder of living my life as the Savior did while he was here, and Pathway has opened my eyes to how the Savior blesses us as we live the gospel standards.  My testimony has been increased by tenfold, and my relationship with the Savior has deepened.  I have changed how I live my life directly from the lessons I have learned in the Pathway program.


Pathway will open many opportunities in all aspects of my life.  I am a better person because of Pathway.  I am learning many skills on Leadership, my confidence in teaching what I learn has increased.  I feel that the support of everyone involved from the Missionaries, fellow students, staff at the college has been the best I have ever had in all my educational experiences.  I actually can’t wait to go home so I can do my homework.


Would you recommend Pathway to anyone?


Absolutely, I already do.  I bare my testimony in Sacrament meeting about Pathway, I have spoken about it in Sunday school, I have told me kids that they should check it out.  Since this is my first semester, no one I have discussed has joined yet.  But I am sure some will.