Spurs will be underrated all year

While the league will be talking about Lebron James and the Cavaliers or the Super team Warriors, the Spurs will be doing like they always have been doing.  Playing Spurs basketball.  I honestly believe that this Spurs team is better then last years team and has the biggest chance right now to win the NBA championship.  But before everyone goes crazy and wants to burn me to the post let me explain.


The Spurs have one of the deepest benches this year.  We always talk about the starters and how important they are but lets look at the starters for the Spurs.  The starters for the Spurs last night were Tony Parker, Kyle Anderson, Kawhi Leonard, LaMarcus Aldridge, and Pau Gasol.  Ok now look at the bench Patty Mills, Manu Ginobili, Jonathon Simmons, and David Lee.  Other players on the Spurs I don’t really know as players but that is without Danny Green who is currently out with an injury.  If Danny Green hadn’t been out you can see that the Spurs bench could have started the game last night.

This is huge because if you have a bench that could start any game, its like you really never lose your starters all game.  That is what made the Warriors so deadly the last two years was that their bench could have been starters if they needed it to be.  Its almost like the Spurs are trying to set up their team so that they can on top in the NBA again.

No Duncan?  Ok Gasol!

It was heart breaking for the Spurs to lose Tim Duncan.  A legend in that city but its ok, they picked up Pau Gasol.  I get that Paul is old and that he isn’t better at defense like Duncan was, but Gasol might be better then people realize.  Here is why.

Gasol is going to be able to spread the floor more unlike Duncan was at his age.  Gasol’s ability to see the floor is amazing.  It is what made the Lakers so good back in 2008-2010 was because of Gasol being able to pass the ball to Lamar Odom or Kobe Bryant when the floor was spread out.  His defense might be shaky…oh wait he is averaging 1.7 blocks for his career.  Tim Duncans career blocks were 2.2 for his career but lets break it down even farther.  Tim Duncan blocks the last three years were 139, 151, 78.  Paul Gasols blocks the last three years?  92, 147, and 146 for the last three seasons!  Gasols time in Chicago might have helped him with working on his defense.  So in the end, Gasol does have defense but people don’t look at that for him.  Plus if he didn’t have defense, I don’t think the Spurs would have signed him.  Either that or Pop will make sure that he does have defense.

Kawhi Lenoard

The most underrated player in the league right now.  Remember, he was a finals MVP during the 2014 finals and was the third youngest player to receive this award.  The other two players who were younger?  They were both Magic Johnson.  The other thing to remember too is that he is 25 years old and he is going to have a season because he is now in the prime of his career.  He is a two time defensive player of the year and he is only going to get better.  His ability to play defense is only going to get better as the season goes on and as the saying goes.  Offense wins games, defense wins championship.

Rising Star on the team?  Bring in Jonathon Simmons

Ok this is my prediction for the team now but I believe that Jonathon Simmons is the key to this teams success.  He had a career high last night of 20 points but I don’t think this is the end with him.  I believe that he could be the new Ginobili for this team.  If he can bring these types of numbers every night, he will be the new big three or four for the Spurs.  Think about this, Patty Mills,  Kawhi Leonard, LaMarcus Aldridge, and Jonathon Simmons.  That could be a deadly line up that no one is taking about.  I am currious to see what the numbers will be when those four are out on the floor.  This might be the most kept secret of the Spurs and no one to my knowledge is talking about it.

If you are a Spurs fan, this is going to be a good season for you guys.  This could result in a banner in that building come next year.  Time will tell but I believe that this team can win it all.


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