UCI vs BYU Volleyball match Review

Today’s game was a lot better then last night but there are still a couple of things that UCI needs to do in order to have a shot at this seasons NCAA championship.


First off they where able to run the middle more, but they need to get Andrew Benz more involved in the offense while playing.  He is a decent enough player but I feel like he is still under used in their offense.  It would seem like the setter might not have that good of a connection with him on the offense, or maybe he isn’t trusted as much when it comes to hitting.  Either way he needs to get more involved if UCI has any chance of winning games this season.

On the outside sets, I would recommend that if the setter is going to set them up all day that they should consider running more trick plays for the outside.  Most teams already have a scouting report that says that UCI has three players that stick out.  They are the pin hitters.  To make their life easier during the match if you where to run more trick play’s it could help them with getting more kills during the sets.  Right now UCI is getting killed when they have the setter on the front row.  Maybe UCI if they are not going to run the middles as much might want to consider running a six two so that they can a consistent two hitters in the front row.  It would help when there is only one pin hitter in the front row because then blockers won’t be tempted to triple block the outside.


BYU really needs to set their middles more.  Almost every time they hit, it is an instant kill.  However, it would seem like the setter of BYU just really would prefer setting the pin hitters at all times.  BYU will not be going that far in the playoffs if they make it unless they run the middles more.  Either that or they need to improve their blocking because there was a lot of holes in the block because the middles where coming up late.  The middles for BYU need to practice their read setting in practice if they are going to get up on the blocks.  I will give credit where credit is due because BYU did have a really good game.  However, they could be better but that takes time.



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