Peters Canyon Hike

I decided last night that I wanted to set another goal for the year.  That was to work on my writing.   So here it is another post about another adventure that I am currently having in my life.  This time it is to climb every possible trail that Orange County has to offer.  Today’s trail was Peters Canyon.

As a kid I spent a lot of time going through this trail.  My dad use to take us there so that he could most likely wear us out and get us to bed in time.  I have to say now I have a better appreciation for it since the views are just beautiful.


You can get a view like this.  Even though there are houses around the area you can still enjoy the beauty of this area.  The hike is for people who are new to hiking to somewhat experience.  There are plenty of options when walking around.  You can stay on the flat ground with a steady incline over time.  Or you can go the hike that I took and deal with more up hills.


They can sometimes be step like this but the only thing I could think of was can I get another rain storm and go down hill on a buggy board…..without dying of course but I can let my imagination run right?

This might be a great date idea if you are looking to go on a date because its a great way to get to know someone.  You can go the cute route by going through the trees.  If you are that kind of person.


Or maybe you are looking to get young kids out of the house like my parents did when I was younger.  You could possible create some great memories with your kids.  I will say that this hike is great if you are in the Orange County area or if you are just visiting.  Remember though there are a lot of options to getting into this park.  So make sure that you choose the place that you want to go into and just go out and explore.  You never know what adventure is waiting for you.


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