Going at it again

We all have New Years Resolutions.  It is normal for us humans to have them but the question becomes is do we keep them?  Most of us can honestly answer and say no we don’t.  However, there are some people who are able to reach their goals and they are what separates the rest from the pack.  What makes these people so special?  Well it most likely has to do with their goals that they have in life.

Goals are a great thing because they can make or break us as human beings.  What are your goals this year people?  I can tell you what mine is.  Mine is to get ready for the up coming season for the CBVA.  When I workout my one focus is to get ready for beach volleyball season.  I always told myself when I was younger that if I ever meet Karch Kiraly on a volleyball court that I would be able to give him a run for his money.  Even though he would have most likely mopped the floor on me, I would still have that desire to be as good as he was, or even better.

I love volleyball, it is my life.  A lot of my friends can tell you that if we talk, there is a high possibility that volleyball will be brought up.  I love the game, and that is what I train for every single time I work out.  I might not be a pro anytime soon or even in this life to say but dang it training to improve my game is always a plus.  I have to say that the past two days have been hard for training because my body is revolting but in time that will go away.  I really can’t wait to see what happens in this upcoming beach season when the time comes.  April can’t come soon enough when my beach partner comes back home for the summer.


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