UCI vs BYU Volleyball match Review

Today’s game was a lot better then last night but there are still a couple of things that UCI needs to do in order to have a shot at this seasons NCAA championship.


First off they where able to run the middle more, but they need to get Andrew Benz more involved in the offense while playing.  He is a decent enough player but I feel like he is still under used in their offense.  It would seem like the setter might not have that good of a connection with him on the offense, or maybe he isn’t trusted as much when it comes to hitting.  Either way he needs to get more involved if UCI has any chance of winning games this season.

On the outside sets, I would recommend that if the setter is going to set them up all day that they should consider running more trick plays for the outside.  Most teams already have a scouting report that says that UCI has three players that stick out.  They are the pin hitters.  To make their life easier during the match if you where to run more trick play’s it could help them with getting more kills during the sets.  Right now UCI is getting killed when they have the setter on the front row.  Maybe UCI if they are not going to run the middles as much might want to consider running a six two so that they can a consistent two hitters in the front row.  It would help when there is only one pin hitter in the front row because then blockers won’t be tempted to triple block the outside.


BYU really needs to set their middles more.  Almost every time they hit, it is an instant kill.  However, it would seem like the setter of BYU just really would prefer setting the pin hitters at all times.  BYU will not be going that far in the playoffs if they make it unless they run the middles more.  Either that or they need to improve their blocking because there was a lot of holes in the block because the middles where coming up late.  The middles for BYU need to practice their read setting in practice if they are going to get up on the blocks.  I will give credit where credit is due because BYU did have a really good game.  However, they could be better but that takes time.



BYU vs UCI Men’s Volleyball Review 1/29/16

Alright tonight the game between UCI and BYU was decent.  I have to say that I was kind of bored and it would seem like both teams have a lot to improve on before the season is over.  Here are some things that I notice through out the game


Last week I remembering watching the game when they played against Long Beach and I am glad to see that they improved in one area of their game.  That was their serving.  If you can’t serve the ball well you are going to lose. However, one aspect that BYU really needs to work on in order to improve their game will be setting the middle blockers more.  Right now, BYU has a tendency to set the pin hitters way to much.  In fact, if I were a team, I would have my pin blockers just cheat over to the pin hitters at all times.  I would also set up my back row defenders to cover angle until the hitters learned to hit line.  Most of the time when BYU is hitting at the pins, they tend to hit angle.  Or they try to use their insane vertical to jump over the block.  If BYU where to set the middle more, it would cause the blockers of any team to lose their ability to block unless they are really good at read blocking.  Last week Long Beach was able to get three blockers on BYU almost every single time because they knew where the ball was going most of the time.

Almost every time BYU sets their middles, it results in an instant kill.  The setter for BYU needs to have more faith in setting the middles.  He also needs to learn to set the middle from close to the ten foot line.  The Middles for BYU might also want to consider running three’s if the setter is close to the ten foot line because most teams wouldn’t expect the middles to get set in those situations.  However, if BYU can’t improve its passing they won’t be able to go far.  There is only so much the outsides and opposite can do.  Spread the ball more BYU and make the blockers hate their life when blocking.


Ok there is a lot that UCI needs to work on as well.  I heard someone say in the crowd that UCI is playing a lot of Freshman but I will have to look more into that before I say that they are in a rebuilding more.  I feel like the Middles were under used to night for UCI.  A lot of times it seemed like the where setting the pins at all times.  Like I said all you have to do to beat BYU is to cheat on the pins, well you can literally do that for UCI.  The Middles where no where to be found tonight.  The Middle had a combination of only 10 attempts to get kills. I do not think their passing wasn’t that bad, but they just didn’t seem to set the middles as well.  The few times that I did see the middles get attempts it usually resulted in them making mistakes.  I will give credit where credit is due because the Middles for Irvine did get 4 kills but still only ten sets to get four kills?  Come on Irvine spread the ball more.

Finally serving for UCI needs a huge improvement.  I mean set three the match ended with UCI serving the ball out of bounds.  UCI really needs to work on their serving for their practice.  Their serves have a decent enough heat when they hit the ball to serve, but you just don’t seem to know when the ball is going to make it over or not.  Finally, if Irvine is going to improve their season, the blockers need to press more.  UCI kept getting touches on the balls when they were blocking, but they need to press more.  Back in 2012 and 2013 when they won the NCAA they had one of the best blocks.  Reason being was that they were pressing when blocking.  Tomorrow’s match should be interesting but hopefully these teams can make the adjustments that are needed in order to win.

Peters Canyon Hike

I decided last night that I wanted to set another goal for the year.  That was to work on my writing.   So here it is another post about another adventure that I am currently having in my life.  This time it is to climb every possible trail that Orange County has to offer.  Today’s trail was Peters Canyon.

As a kid I spent a lot of time going through this trail.  My dad use to take us there so that he could most likely wear us out and get us to bed in time.  I have to say now I have a better appreciation for it since the views are just beautiful.


You can get a view like this.  Even though there are houses around the area you can still enjoy the beauty of this area.  The hike is for people who are new to hiking to somewhat experience.  There are plenty of options when walking around.  You can stay on the flat ground with a steady incline over time.  Or you can go the hike that I took and deal with more up hills.


They can sometimes be step like this but the only thing I could think of was can I get another rain storm and go down hill on a buggy board…..without dying of course but I can let my imagination run right?

This might be a great date idea if you are looking to go on a date because its a great way to get to know someone.  You can go the cute route by going through the trees.  If you are that kind of person.


Or maybe you are looking to get young kids out of the house like my parents did when I was younger.  You could possible create some great memories with your kids.  I will say that this hike is great if you are in the Orange County area or if you are just visiting.  Remember though there are a lot of options to getting into this park.  So make sure that you choose the place that you want to go into and just go out and explore.  You never know what adventure is waiting for you.

Going at it again

We all have New Years Resolutions.  It is normal for us humans to have them but the question becomes is do we keep them?  Most of us can honestly answer and say no we don’t.  However, there are some people who are able to reach their goals and they are what separates the rest from the pack.  What makes these people so special?  Well it most likely has to do with their goals that they have in life.

Goals are a great thing because they can make or break us as human beings.  What are your goals this year people?  I can tell you what mine is.  Mine is to get ready for the up coming season for the CBVA.  When I workout my one focus is to get ready for beach volleyball season.  I always told myself when I was younger that if I ever meet Karch Kiraly on a volleyball court that I would be able to give him a run for his money.  Even though he would have most likely mopped the floor on me, I would still have that desire to be as good as he was, or even better.

I love volleyball, it is my life.  A lot of my friends can tell you that if we talk, there is a high possibility that volleyball will be brought up.  I love the game, and that is what I train for every single time I work out.  I might not be a pro anytime soon or even in this life to say but dang it training to improve my game is always a plus.  I have to say that the past two days have been hard for training because my body is revolting but in time that will go away.  I really can’t wait to see what happens in this upcoming beach season when the time comes.  April can’t come soon enough when my beach partner comes back home for the summer.