Jeffery R. Holland Devotional Review

Its been a week since Jeffery R. Holland of the quorum of the twelve came and spoke to BYU-Idaho students about finding happiness. I have to say that it was considered to be one of the greatest talks I have ever heard at a devotional here on campus. However, are we doing what Jeffery R. Holland told us to do or do we even remember what he told us to do? Lets review what Elder Holland said.

Happiness comes to us when we least expect it

Think about it, when do you find true happiness in your life. It wasn’t when you were out chasing it, or trying to find it. No, most people find happiness when they least expect it. Its usually when we are out and about with people. I don’t think I have ever came across someone who said that they were never happy because they were out with people. Or that by helping someone that it made them miserable. No, usually when people go out and help others, is when they find true happiness in their life. By giving happiness to others, we ourselves can find the happiness that we are looking for in our life.

You can be happy even during the hard times

To many times in life, we get down on ourselves when life gets hard. Yes, everyone has to go through life’s trials and difficulties, but that is how life is. You have two options when this happens. You can be a downer and say why does this always happen to me, or you can go out and say ok, what am I learning from this and try to bring a smile to others. Remember, you might think that what you are going through is bad, but you never know what other people are going through and do you think you could go through their trials in life?

No one can be happy 24/7

You know how we always see that one person in our life who always seems to happy 24/7. Well you might always say “man I wish I was like them, always happy.” I am here to tell you that no one can be happy 24/7. So stop beating yourself up when you think that you are failing in life. If you are doing things in your life that can help you get close to being happy 24/7 then you are doing things the right way. You are at least making a push to be happy all the time though it isn’t always possible. Remember, even the person who you think is happy 24/7 always has a bad time or to. You don’t always see what happens behind closed doors.

Do the things that happy people do

If you want to be happy you have to do what happy people do. It is that easy yet, it can be that hard at same time. Lets think about what happy people do. They always seem to find happiness in the littlest of things. They kind remind you of what a four to six year old do. For some reason that age group can take the littlest thing in life and be able to have happiness. Think about it, you can give a stick to four year old and they turn it into a sword to defend a kingdom that is being attacked by a dragon. They can be happy for hours with that one stick even if breaks. So find the little things in life that can make you happy. If you do this, you will find how happy people live life.

These are just some examples of finding happiness in our life. I would encourage all to find true happiness in your life and spread it to everyone. It can be even as simple as saying hello to someone that you have ever meet before in your life. You never know what can happen until you do it. It can alter someones life for the better while at the same time change your path to finding true happiness in life.

Link to Jeffery R. Holland talk


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