Center Stage Presents- William Joseph

Tonight was a really interesting night at BYU-Idaho.  Center Stage (an activities group on campus) was proud to present William Joseph at the Hart building.  The concert was extremely well performed.  I would high recommend anyone to attend one of William Joseph concert if he were to come to your town.  He is a really funny guy and (at least he did this tonight) will tell you really funny stories before he performs one of his pieces on the piano.  One of this stories was when he was playing the organ for a wedding and in the middle of the song of Wedding March, he zoned out for a second and started to playing a Star Wars song.  It was a really funny story to hear and the piano commentary just made the show better.


During the show there was an announcement made that whoever had the best photo shot of him and put it on facebook during the show would get an award at the end of the show.  My sister wanted to win and this was the photo that she put up


She tagged William Joseph in the photo on his facebook page and put down the words “This concert would make even Chuck Norris cry.”  Well played.

At one point during the show, William ask a volunteer from the stage to come up and play four notes for him.  A girl named Courtney came up to stage and played four notes on the piano for him.  Before we knew it, William Joseph was able to take the four notes and turn it into some incredible song.  I couldn’t believe it when it happened but it did happen.  Later on during the show Steve Aho (the drummer of the show) performed and it was really good.  Sadly, I can’t remember what he performed.  I was really impressed that he came all the way down from Canada to perform even though he was on tour with another band.  That man deserved a bigger applause for coming down even when on another tour.

At the end of the show William Joseph performed Radioactive (Imagine Dragons song) and it was awesome!  William also had his music video playing while he played.  The music video is really cool because he is playing the piano in the middle of a lake.  i would recommend watching it if you had time.  Over all, the concert was great and I will not forget it either.


Steve Aho the drummer


William Joseph

The video of William Joseph playing the piano on the lake. Radioactive