Welcome to Salt Lake City!

Its been a while since I posted something on my adventures in life.  I mean if you write once a day, then you can remember the things you do right?  Well, let me tell you about what happened in my adventure in Salt Lake City!

Now I know a lot of you are probley saying to yourself “Wait, there are things to do in Salt Lake City?”  Yes my friends, there are plenty of things to do and see in Salt Lake City.  In fact, for those of you who don’t know it, Salt Lake City was founded by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (a.k.a. Mormons).  If you didn’t know it either, Salt Lake City for the Mormons is like the Vatican for the Catholics.  Its just a common place for Mormons to go to.  So, lets talk about the Salt Lake City’s Temple Square.

There is a tone of things to do in Temple Square.  First off it is like a tour so some sister missionaries will be giving you the tour.  They come from all around the world to serve an 18 month mission and this is what they do for a part of it.  When you start on the tour you first go to the Salt Lake Tabernacle.  Its an amazing building to say the least.  This is where the Mormon Tabernacle choir use to practice before they moved over to the Conference Center (which is across the street from the Tabernacle.)  The sister missionaries take you in there and explain the history of the building.  However, that isn’t as interesting as when they do the presentation.  The sister missionaries will go up to the stage and demonstrate the acoustics of the building.  They will tear a piece of newspaper, and then drop some nails.  The really cool thing is that you can hear it anywhere in the building.  Its crazy but its for real.


The sister missionary is at the podium and this is what you can see on the inside of the tabernacle.

As you go throughout the tour, you can see some other things like this.


This statue has some importance in Utah history.  If you notice, they are seagulls on top of the statue.  These birds (also know as the California Gull) saved the Mormons around 1848 when crickets were eating up their crops.  Had the seagulls not come, then everyone would have died because there would have been no food for them.  So thank you to the California Gull for saving the Mormons.

Most of you have seen this one time or another if you ever watch a Utah Jazz game.  The famous Salt Lake Temple.


Most of you will never believe this but it took 40 years to build this bad boy.  I guess it was worth it because everyone wants to get married in this temple in the LDS church.  I think if I am not mistaken, its one of the top three that ever Mormon girls wants to get married in.  In fact, you can catch all the brides and grooms coming out of this building a lot.  Here in fact is thee most famous place for recent married couples to take their picture out.


Aka the reflection pool.  You see why the married couple wants to get a picture in front of this.

The tour ends at the North Visitors’ Center where you can see a ton of things there.


A model of Jerusalem back in the day when Jesus Christ was around.

A ton of pictures of things he did.  Here are the basics


Christ being baptized


Christ teaching.


Christ Resurrection etc.

Finally you end at Christ Statue on the top floor of the center.


After getting a tour by the sister missionaries, then you can go to the Conference Center.  This building can hold up to 21,200 people at a time.  This place is huge if you go inside of it.


Depending on how much time you have, you can see a lot in this building.  In fact, here are somethings that you can see when you walk around the building.


Nephi and his family finding the Liahona


Ammon protecting the kings sheep (left) Captain Moroni


Jesus Christ visiting the people of the Americas


Statues of the prophets Joseph Smith (right) Brigham Young (Left)


You can even go unto the roof of the Conference Center to take a look around.  When you walk around the roof of the center it shows all the scenery of Utah.  However, due to the weather that day, we weren’t able to go on the roof.  Maybe next time.

Finally, I had to go see my ancestors statue! What kind of great great great grandson would I be if I didn’t?


My ancestor Charles Roscoe Savage.  Don’t we look a like?  It must run in the family.

Well after that fun adventure in Temple Square, I would suggest going to this restaurant because it is right next to the center.  The restaurant is Blue Lemon.  Great place to visit I would suggest you take a trip here to Temple Square some day.  You won’t regret it for how beautiful it is.  Well lets see what the next adventure has in store.