Chicago, is my kind of Town part 2

This was the last day in the city.  In fact, the last day for this vacation.  So we tried to get in as much as possible before we said goodbye to Chicago.

We first went over to the WGN radio station.  While we were over there, we ran into another famous Chicago Cub legend.  We saw Jack Brickhouse statue.  This man was a stud back in the day.  He broadcast for the Cubs, White Sox, the Bears, and the Chicago Bulls.  I don’t understand why his statue isn’t next to Wrigley field, but I guess being next to WGN radio is just as good.


We then had to take a look around the Chicago Tribune and there are some really interesting things around this building.  They take the top things from around the world and they put on the building.  Here is some example of what you can see if you are to go to this place.

ImageDome of St. Peter’s Cathedral Rome, Italy


Pearl Harbor Hawaiian Island


California Petrified Redwood Forest


and my favorite ones for those Mormons out there a rock from the Salt Lake Temple.

There are a tone of rocks, bricks, trees from all places in the world.  I would advise if you go to Chicago that this is a must to see.  You will be suprissed to see what is all around this building.

We took a river boat tour of the city of Chicago.  I have to say that taking the Chicago River Architecture Tour and Lake Tour was totally worth it.  In fact the entire family enjoyed it even before we left the dock.


We saw some really cool things on the tour.  Here are a couple of things.

ImageChicago Sun-Times

Boeing new headquarters


NBC tower


Navy Pier


Soldiers Field


After the tour, we went over to the Willis (or as it is still know as the Sears tower).  We were going to go on the sky deck, but it was a two hour wait to get on the deck.  We didn’t want to waste that much time so we decided to just walk by it.


The last thing that we wanted to see what Soldier Field.  Even though we saw it from a distance it wasn’t good enough for us.  However, we ran into some interesting things on the way.

We first saw these bad boys.


They are a bunch of legs walking around, but they do have a name.  They are called Agora.  They are about nine feet tall and there are a ton of them.  I read somewhere that its suppose to be for the Polish population here in Chicago.  I mean it would make sense for this because outside of Warsaw, Poland, Chicago has the second highest Polish population.  So yea, just the random art here in Chicago.

We ran into Christopher Columbus.  I am not sure why he is here in Chicago, but I guess the people here wanted to honor him for finding this land.  Now that I think about it maybe each state have a statue of him.  I mean if it wasn’t for him then who knows if anything in the Americas would have been discovered.


Finally we made it over to Soldiers Field.  This stadium is so big.  It took us forever to get to the spot that I wanted to get to, but we finally got there.  My dad always wanted to see this stadium and he got his wish.


I wish that we had more time to see the United Center, but I guess that is something that I will have to do later in life.  Maybe that will be a vacation with my family one day.  Who knows, only time will tell.  Well I am really going to miss this city again.  It was already hard once to leave this beautiful city when I was a missionary, I can only imagine what tomorrow will be like.  Well no matter where I go, Chicago will always hold a special place in my heart.  Well time to go back to California to continue the adventures of my life.


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