Last day in St. Charles and Geneva

When the day started today I swear I was in a coma.  I didn’t even move until my dad forced me to get out of bed.  I guess you can say that I was a little tried from the last couple of days.  It might have been the combination of the time change, the traveling, and the constant on the move to see people.  However, it seems like this rest was needed in order to have gotten through all these activities today.

We first went up the Fox River in St. Charles, Illinois and went on the Freedom Walk or in better terms the

.  There were a lot of random things that were on this walk, but it was worth the experience.


This isn’t your normal bell, in fact its a time capsule that was placed sometime on July 3, 1984.  It says that it won’t be open until 2034.  I really wanted to know what was in this time capsule and I thought of many ways to open it, but in the end, I guess I will have to wait until 2034 to know whats in this time capsule.Image

Everyone I would like to introduce my new friend.  His name is Ekwabet (Watching Over).  He is a statue that was name by the Pottawatomie Nation on June 29, 1989.  I guess according the the plaques that my family and I read, the Pottawatomie tribe use to live around the river before they were moved.  The plaque under my friend Ekwabet said something really interesting.  It is a quote from Jim Dowd 11/2/88.  It reads “Listen, for I speak but once….As I gaze across the waters of the shimmering Fox River, I see the smoke of thousands of teepees where I once saw only gentle prairies and lush forests abundant with game.
Many moons ago my people were among the first voices to be heard in this land. We came to live in peace with nature. We hunted and fished. We married, bore children and died at our appointed time. The bones of my people mingle here with the earth. We loved this Valley.
It was with great sadness that we had to leave our home. We were few, and the settlers were many. The spirits of my ancestors have never left this great Valley, and occasionally, you may glimpse our shadows or feel our presence as we tread silently along the shores of our beloved Fox River.
Our final prayer as we left our land was that you would love this Valley as much as we loved it. We were one with the earth, sky and water. We were the Neshnabek, the “People” of the Valley.”  It made me want to go back in time to see what the valley was like back in the day.  However, I have to only use my imagine nation in order to figure out what it was like here back in the day.


This was really cool to see.  This is a fox of course and I have a feeling that it was placed here since the river is near the Fox River.  What was really cool about this is that this art work is made from all bicycle parts.  I mean how does an artist get an idea to take bicycle and turn it into a work of art?  Strange how people’s minds work, but I guess that is how we humans are.

This tower is called The James H. and Joann N. Collins Tower.  Last time I was in St. Charles I tried getting to the top of the tower, but sadly it was closed due to the fact that it was winter.  So I was able to get up there this time without any trouble.


On top of the tower.  Janessa thinks she is being funny by giving me the bunny ears.

We went to a little forest preserve in the park.  While we were over here, I noticed that Sean Calkins was very comfortable in the preserve.  We soon figured out why


So next time you see a red head feeling really comfortable in a preserve, then there must me a Wild Ginger plant nearby.

Caught up with some of the members today as well.


The Parkers are doing really well.  Isabelle (pictured to my right) is still afraid of me for some reason.  We made fun of her since she isn’t afraid of a 7’2 kid but she is afraid of a 6’5 kid.  Maybe next time I see her, she won’t be so scared.  Mary is doing well, she is still trying to get baptized soon.  So maybe I will be back soon to see it.

Ran into trouble today.  Kathy Anderson (pictured to the right of me) is one of a few people that can get me off gaurd.  She was making fun of me since the first day I arrived to Chicago.  She is still that way and she still makes fun of me for that first day.  Its ok though because I can make fun of her for just as many things.


Kathy Anderson is on the left. The camera seemed to have a problem when the picture was taken.

Finally saw the Secrist today as well.  The family is still rocking and it was great to play with Adam, Jacob and Emma.  They were full of life and energy and their smiles were contagious.  Really enjoyed seeing them again.  Over all an awesome day.  To bad it was my last day in St. Charles and tomorrow we leave to go to La Porte, Indiana.  Lets see how those adventures turn out.Image

The Secrist family


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