Memories, flashbacks, and wisdom

Today was Sunday and boy this was a flood of memories today.  I have to say that I have never been so overwhelmed in my life on trying to catch up with everyone in St. Charles and the Geneva ward.  I think it was the one time were I wish I was the super hero Multiple Man.  I mean it would have made it so much easier to talk to everyone.  However, I was able to get the job done and be able to talk to everyone.  The time spent was wonderful and hearing what was going on was amazing.  To hear the stories that they all had since the last time I saw them all (which was only about six months ago).  Even though it was a short amount of time since the last time we talked it seemed like they had just as many adventures like I had.

So I learned something today from a very wise member today.  It was one of those lessons that you hear a lot growing up about, but it doesn’t mean much to you until you are older.  Yea it was like that.  I was walking around the church building making my round talking to people when I ran into the very wise man.  I don’t remember his name, but lets call him Ray.  I was catching up with Ray and we started to talk about how things where going in my life.  I told him the usually stuff of how I am studying at BYU-Idaho and how school was.  We then went from that subject to how the world seems to be just doing what the cool thing was these days.  Just how people don’t tend to question things and they just accept what they have.  As Ray listened to me he stopped me and said “Jacob, the world might just be following the crowds these days, but it doesn’t mean all of us  follow them.  In fact, people who tend to question things are usually the ones who are always the thinkers.  They tend to do the thing that is logical instead of just doing things because everyone is doing it.  Its a good thing that you question so much because with the questioning comes the learning experience of a life time.  You learn more and you tend to notice things more if you question things.  You also learn from others mistakes so that you yourself don’t repeat those mistakes.  So keep questioning because you are learning something as you question.”  So it made me think about it and I have to say that the old man was right.  I tend to learn a lot of things as I question things.  Maybe this is how our founding fathers thought when they were finding America.  I serious wish I had taken a picture of this man, but I totally forgot to take out my camera.  Maybe I will be able to see this man next time and take the photo.  Which might not be for like another couple of years.

When church ended, I went over to visit a couple of families that I wasn’t able to talk to at church.  The first was the Hohmans.


This photo describes the family in more ways then you all can imagine.

The Hohmans are doing well.  For those of you who followed my mission emails, Johnny is still be Johnny.  He is living life the way he sees fit in his life at this time.  It was fun being here because it was like being home again.  The memories that we had and the funny stories, they were all great.  It seems like nothing has changed here in this family.

The Wolcotts were next.  Boy that was a trip to remember.


Brother Wolcott (pictured far left) was the first one to find me at church today.  I totally thought that by not wearing a suit and a name tag reading Elder Lee that I thought that I would be unnoticed.  I thought that my tan would keep me hidden as well.  However, he spotted me as soon as he walked in the chapel and gave me the smile of “ha I win.  Better luck hiding next time.”  Challenge accepted brother Wolcott.  Next time you won’t be able to find me that easy.  Maybe it would have helped had I had not told so many people that I was coming back.  Oh well, it will be a fun game to play when I come back to visit.  The Wolcotts are doing great as well.  The kids are still fun and crazy like most kids and that is something that is hard to forget.  The kids might want to control themselves or else there dating life will be filled with stories to tell there dates and we all know how that feels when those stories start to come out.  It ends with us being tomato red by the time its over.

Finally the Deems


The Deems are doing great as well.  Trevor (pictured left) has grown his sword collection since the last time we meet.  He only had three swords last time now he has seven.  The one that you see over his shoulder is his new baby.  He just got it recently and he aloud me to hold it.


Had to examine it like they would in the olden days.


Then I took my photo of how I would have looked like back in the day holding this bad boy.  Minus the twenty-first century clothing.  I think I would have been a stud back in the day with this sword.

After that I called it a night because I was tired.  However, it wasn’t until now that I discovered that my flash was turned off this entire time.  Someone messed with my flash of my camera and I just fixed it.  Hopefully the photos will be better now.


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