Hello Dixon, Illinois!

A lot of you might be a little confused about why I am talking about Dixon, Illinois when my last blog post talked about being in Chicago.  Well, when I lived in Illinois from 2011-2013 I lived in a small little town called Byron, Illinois.  It’s a little town of a population of 3,700.  It was interesting living there and being a missionary for six months, but I had some amazing experiences there and meet some really cool people there.  I just only wish I had time to see them all today.

The first family that I saw was the Galster family in Byron.  It was fun catching up with them and seeing how much they all have grown up since the last time I was there.  We talked and caught up and enjoyed the time with them.  After seeing them, we went over and say the Johnson family.

ImageThe famous photo that every missionary takes at this house when they leave the area.  Have to keep tradition alive right?

After the Galster’s we went over to the Johnson’s.  We were catching up with them and seeing how they were since the last time I was there.  They suprissed me when they pulled a cake out and started to sing happy birthday to my sister.  Yes, today was my sisters birthday and we were going to celebrate it in Chicago later this week, but this was a supprise to all of us.  I guess Jordan Johnson had been in contact with one of my sister’s roommate from college and told her to make her a cake.  So we were able to sing happy birthday to my sister and she was able to eat a cake for her birthday.

ImageLook at the birthday girl.

Ran into some converts that I taught while I was in Forreston, Illinois.  It was wonderful to see how much they have all grown since the last time I saw them.  I didn’t recognize them when I got up to the house, but luckly they were in the same boat as well.  Caught up and they are all doing great.


Now lets talk about Dixon.  Dixon is not that well known to most Americans.  Well at least to my knowledge it seems that way.  It should be a better known place because if there is anything to be known about this town its were President Ronald Reagan was raised for three years of his life.  In fact, his childhood house is in that town and is a historical monument.  Reagan and his family moved to the house around 1920 and he considered it to be his childhood home growing up.  I wasn’t able to get a full tour of the house, but just seeing the house was cool enough to me.  I mean its not everyday that you get to go see a President’s house in a town that he considered to be home.  So maybe you are in a little sleepy town of Dixon, Illinois, maybe just maybe you can go see were President Ronald Reagan grew up.

ImageRonald Reagan’s statue right next to the house.

ImageThe President’s childhood house.


One response to “Hello Dixon, Illinois!

  1. ELDER LEE!!!!! OMGOodness!!!! Wish I would have been keeping up with your blog & been online this past week…. would have ran into ‘Bago just to see you!!! Is Elder Caulkins traveling with you, or are these just older photo’s of you & he together???? Have fun while you are her… MUCH LOVE TO YOU…. The Harts!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

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