Chicago guess who’s back?

Well today my family and I are left for Chicago.  It seems like just yesterday that I was leaving for Chicago for my two year mission.  Except last time it was at five in the morning instead of at eleven this time.  Well things have been some what interesting turn of events.  During the airport security check in my grandma had to get checked over again.  They asked her if she had any hand pain and then they did some weird test for her hands.  I never thought that my own grandma would be that scary while going through airport security.  Strange how things work I guess.


Still trying to find out what was so scary with my grandma’s hands.  What do you think?

The trip here to Chicago was long, but we all managed to survive. I really didn’t have the attention span to read a book so I instead watched a movie. I watched “42 the Jackie Robinson Story“.  The movie was great, it really helped with passing the time on the flight.  After all, it was a four-hour flight.

The plane landed around close to five Chicago time and it felt great to be back in the area.  Even my face showed it along with my sister.


Don’t we look so happy to be in Illinois?

Finally, we did that is a must in Chicago.  Eating Chicago deep dish pizza.  I feel like eating a deep dish pizza here in Chicago is like a person going to Southern California and eating In-n-out.  It’s a must and if you don’t then shame on you.


I mean look at this pizza.  Does it not look great?  Its like having a little piece of heaven with me.

The review of the family and the pizza had mixed reviews.  Janessa, mom, and grandma enjoyed it, but dad and grandpa they were ok with it.  Dad said as soon as he was done that he enjoys grandpa’s pizza that he makes and grandpa didn’t think there wasn’t enough pepperoni on the pizza and it was too soggy.  I guess its hard to please a grandparent when they are originally from Sicily.  Maybe he will enjoy more of the Chicago food as we continue this journey.  I guess time will tell right?


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