Facing the music

So its time to start to write a blog a week like my professors told me at BYU-Idaho.  Its one of those things where I kept saying to myself that I would do it, but then I never do it.  I think the idea of having a blog is what the kids would call the cool thing to do these days.  I have never been one of those kids who likes to follow the crowd on things like that, in fact, I have always been just a kid doing his own thing. I think it has to be the fear of looking exposed if I did something wrong, or do something stupid. However, like we all have learned growing up fear is just a part of life. I guess if I don’t fail then I haven’t lived life so its time to start facing life. I guess you can say the purpose of writing this is to not only help my writing so that I can write in the world, but it will also help with getting to know what a reader wants to read these days. I mean people follow blogs either to write news, see what’s up with their friends (that’s if their friends even have a blog), see what the cool thing on the market is, etc. I guess this is what happens when we live in a world that is now all about social media. So lets see what is thrown at me. Who knows, maybe you will enjoy reading about the adventures that I have. You never know until you try right?


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